Ask The Innkeepers About

Particulars and Policies

How do you get reservations?
Call us at the Ranch at 970-482-0248. Leave a message with your phone number or email address and we will promptly get back to you.

I’m confused, are you a dude ranch, Inn or Bed and Breakfast?
~Officially we are a licensed bed and breakfast, but we are a little of all. Since we are somewhat remote to town we have other meal option packages, like an Inn. We are a working ranch so we have ranch type activities available and access to fishing, like a dude ranch.

Do you allow smoking?
~ For the comfort of guests the Inn at Whiskey Belle Ranch is non-smoking.

What about children?
~ We are unable to provide suitable accommodations for children.

What time is Check-in
~ Check-in hours are from 4pm to 6pm. For arrivals after 6pm we ask that advance arrangements be made. To provide peace and quiet for other guests, check-ins are discouraged past 9pm.

What time is check-out?
~ Checkout time is 11am on the morning of departure.

Do you accept pets?
~ Due to our cattle, horses, dogs, cats and chickens your pets should find another place to stay.

Is the Inn at Whiskey Belle Ranch wheelchair accessible?
~ Whiskey Belle Ranch strives to accommodate every guests needs, however, the ranch house was built in 1894 and is not wheelchair accessible.

Do you have television?
~ No, enjoy a weekend without distraction, but we have many movies and a blue ray disk player located in the Teddy Roosevelt Room.

Do you have a telephone in each room?
~ No, but we have a ranch phone in the hallway for local and toll free calls.

Do you have cell phone coverage?
~ Yes, Verizon is the best. Other carriers are unreliable.

Do you have WIFI?
~ Yes, we have limited Satellite Internet.

How large are your beds?
~ Our beds are Queen Size.

Are you air conditioned?
~ No, The ranch house is very comfortable naturally throughout the year. Ceiling fans are in the Night Hawk and Sundance Rooms.

Rooms Tariffs and Rates

Do your room rates include tax?
~ Guest rates do not include tax. The tax rate of rooms in Larimer County is 3.5% and the City of Fort Collins is 2% for a total of 5.5%

What do your rates include?
~ Daily rates include lodging, 24-hour coffee/tea bar, full gourmet breakfast, served in the dining room at 8:00 or 9:00am, special requests considered.

What is your policy regarding the menu and dietary restrictions?
~ We try to provide a very healthful menu, if you have dietary restrictions please notify us well in advance of your stay and we will attempt to satisfy your special requirements.

Do you serve meals other than breakfast?
Generally No. Unless you pick a date when we offer our “Farm to Table Dinners”. We provide a list of selected restaurants within 10 - 25 minutes of the ranch. We provide a beverage and hors d’oeuvres generally near your arrival time.

What are your room occupancy policies?
~ Room tariff rates are for single or double occupancy and are subject to change without notice.

What is the maximum number of people allowed in your rooms?
~ Guest suite occupancy is limited to a maximum of 2 persons per room.

Do you accept credit cards?
~ Payment by VISA, Master Card, and Discover are accepted.

How far is it to?
~ Fort Collins Colorado is a 25 minute drive ~ Laramie Wyoming is a 40 minute drive ~ Cheyenne, Wyoming is a 45-minute drive ~ Denver Colorado is a 90 minute drive ~ Denver International Airport is a 2 hour drive